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BlackRook sets up production teams and entire TV stations

This includes:

• Guiding clients through the process of winning broadcasting licences
• Finding the right premises and setting the right content schedule
• Advising on and providing recruitment / headhunting services
• Providing production training and all the mechanics for launching on air

BlackRook has a broad and international contacts base for building teams, acquiring affordable content and highly developed industry nous on how to produce programmes in-house cost-effectively.

We make TV programmes: News, Current Affairs, Documentaries and Factual Entertainment shows – on location and a whole range of live and recorded studio-based programmes too.

From political debates to entertainment and technology magazine shows to advertorial features.

BlackRook has all the multi-skilled people you need for your TV project – ready to work to your production brief and your budget.

We advise industry on TV.

We help prove and develop new software systems for production environments. We test staffing structures, roles, responsibilities and training to maximise cost efficiency. We also test and advise on the mechanics of effectively supervising production.

BlackRook examines how best to direct and motivate teams within every new environment – offering bespoke strategies on the provision of timely, targeted and significant management feedback that’ll improve performance fast​.


Made for SCAN UK

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Made for broadcast on the London Live TV channel
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Made for broadcast on the London Live TV channel
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• Management
• Producers
• Correspondents
• Presenters
• Directors
• Researchers
• Graphic designers
• Technicians
• Support staff

Ian Mculloch
Ian McCulloch
Founding Director Xsequor Partners and former Commercial Director of ITV Plc

I worked with BlackRook on a challenging development project that involved expert insight but also tactful handling of some of the parties involved. Alan Rook delivered superbly on all counts. I look forward to working with him again.

John Hoy
John Hoy
Chief Executive, Blenheim Palace

Gavin was very attentive to our needs in striking the right balance throughout the filming schedule and he did a great job in keeping everyone happy and in ensuring that everyone stayed ‘on board.

dare (1)
Dare Lawson
Entrepreneur and Content Developer – Nigeria

Alan is an exceptional business consultant with vast knowledge & multimedia experience.
His entrepreneurial skill is an added value that positions him well in proffering quality advise that helps in making timely decisions. Launching our revolutionary RefPredictor on web and mobile, he was able to see through our vision, interrogate our product & advised us choosing the right business model that made an impact in our market. Today, we are proud to tell our story.

Eve Jackson
Eve Jackson
Culture Editor at France 24

I’ve been a journalist for the BBC, ITV and now France 24 in Paris. Over my 11 years of experience, I always refer to Alan Rook as the best manager I’ve ever had and think back to him as a reference to what is good leadership. He always had a clear vision and was decisive and fair. He was also very approachable and respected

nick pollard
Nick Pollard
Former Head of Sky News and Chief Executive of the British Forces Broadcasting Service

I recommend Alan Rook 100%. He did a superb job for us as Head of News at British Forces Broadcasting and helped to raise the quality of all our news output. He’s an excellent journalist and a great people person.

Ian Rumsey
Ian Rumsey
Director of Television Production, ITN Productions - and BAFTA winner as Programme Editor of ITV's News at Ten

For expert training, for quality production support, for first class experience right across the media industry, BlackRook is a genuinely big hitter.